About Us

Do you feel you pay too much for Cricket goods? You are not alone!

We decided to bridge the gap and offer quality gears at very reasonable price. Our goal is to supply top quality hand-picked cricket bats, soft goods coupled with exceptional customer service. Our entire range of cricket gear is either sourced from the brand factory or their authorized distribution channel. Authenticity of the gear is 100% guaranteed so you can buy with confidence. As we embark on this e-commerce journey, we will keep expanding our product range. Pro Cricket welcomes your feedback and don't forget to shout out if you want us to stock your favorite cricket gear !

How do we do it?

Our online only operation gives us an opportunity to offer goods at a very competitive price. Our warehouse is located in Cheltenham, Victoria and all our orders will be shipped from this warehouse. We offer products from leading brands as well as we have our own 'PRO' branded products. 'PRO' gear is made by very experienced manufacturers within sporting industry.

Custom Sports Clothing

We specialize in custom clothing solutions. We understand the challenges teams & clubs face with apparels and sporting goods. Our sales team can take care from apparel designing to timely delivery. We have solved your inventory problem by hosting your club shop on our website and eliminate your headache of chasing payments/orders. Please email us for more details on how you can have your 'CLUB SHOP' hosted by us and let Pro Cricket take care of the entire process.