Warranty Terms

All warranty claims will be treated on a case by case basis. Please contact Pro Cricket customer service for all warranty and exchange requests. You can send an email to: enquiry@procricket.com.au

Returns must be sent to PO Box 2739, Cheltenham VIC 3192 and have your full name, invoice number and contact phone number clearly mentioned on the package. Please retain proof of purchase for all warranty, repair and exchange claims. When you send a package back for a claim on warranty, repair or exchange, you will bear the responsibility for safely packaging your bat/gears for transport. Pro Cricket bears no liability for any damage that may occur during transit.


There is no certain time a cricket bat will last. Cricket bats are made from willow which is a natural material and it is repeatedly hit with a hard cricket ball. Deterioration and a small amount of cracking are normal & inevitable. This shouldn’t bother or have any impact on the performance of the bat. Pro Cricket always recommend having an extratec fitted to get maintenance free use and longevity for your bat.

Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, Pro Cricket agrees to repair or replace your gear in circumstances where it’s deemed to be manufacturer’s fault.

  • All cricket bats sold by us are subject to a discretionary 6-months warranty from the date of purchase (including replacement bats), for any damage deemed not to be the fault of the purchaser.
  • Depending on the nature of the warranty claim, at the manufacturers’ discretion, they may choose to repair or replace the item in question.
  • For cricket bats, warranty is only applicable for blade and handle. Bat’s Toe, edges and shoulders are not covered and can be broken by a wrong shot selection.
  • Please note that minor wear and tear and surface cracking to a bat does not constitute a warranty claim and is a common occurrence that does not affect the performance.
  • The warranty on bats/gears does not apply when:
    • manufacturer’s stickers/labels have been removed;
    • damage to the toe and edges of the bat under any circumstance;
    • damage caused by improper use;
    • damage due to excessive use of bowling machine;
    • use of non-leather or composite balls including bowling machine balls;
    • damage due to Yorkers;
    • water/moisture or heat damage;
    • damage due to inadequate bat preparation;
    • damage due to over oiling;
    • damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse such as, but not limited to hitting the bat on the ground/pitch while batting or running;
    • damage caused by repairs attempted by a third party;
    • normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal ageing of the Product.
  • We provide 2 months warranty on Batting Gloves, Batting Pads, Keeping Gloves, Keeping Pads, Thigh Guards, Elbow Guards and Kitbags.
  • Warranty claims for soft leather and kitbags will be assessed depending on each claim – whether the issue was a manufacturing fault or was due to improper use.
  • Processing time for repairs/replacement will be up to 20 business days, however we will aim to have this actioned at the earliest.
  • When returning your item please ensure you can provide proof of delivery that the item has been received. We recommend sending it with Australia Post registered mail or a reliable courier service with Signature on Delivery. If you do not have proof of delivery and you will be unable to hold Pro Cricket liable for your loss.
  • Pro Cricket doesn’t cover any damage to HELMETS caused by the impact of a cricket ball. Helmets included part of junior kitset is to be used for Junior cricket grades only.
  • Pro Cricket’s aggregate liability in respect of all claims under the Standard Warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product or, at Pro Cricket option, replacement of the product with a like or similar product.
  • We reserve the right to amend warranty information/guide at any time without any notification.